Program Objectives

Over the past ten years, the number of aspiring and qualified but needy Zimbabwean students seeking university education has increased exponentially. As expected, higher education has become an implicit requirement for enlightened future leadership nationally and internationally. The prevailing internal economic situation is a source of enormous problems for the majority of the average citizens who cannot afford the necessary funds to meet the required expenses.

UploadThe objective of ZSRP is to recruit students who, although academically qualified, have not been admitted by local or other universities and colleges for economic reasons. ZSRP has identified strategic contacts who are familiar with the Zimbabwean educational system at both the Secondary School and Higher Education levels. These include high school principals, teachers, counselors, lecturers, clergy, and leaders of community and professional organizations. Their role is the identification and recommendation of qualified applicants to the ZSRP Coordinator. Prospective candidates send their academic credentials including the uncertified `O` Level certificate to the Coordinator for preliminary review. The coordinator, makes appropriate recommendations to the campuses that have expressed an interest in the program. Respective offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, decide whether the individual should apply formally. The submission of names is accompanied by a request for the campus to send application/financial aid information material to the student’s street or e-mail address.

It is important to note that the US college respondents that have demonstrated interest in participating in the Program, base their consideration for admission and scholarship awards on academic performance and need. Awards are partial. In most cases, financial aid is in the form of grants, scholarships and student employment.

A Recent Success Story

Date: Friday, June 5, 2015, 6:32 AM


Board Members of ZSRP, Inc
c/o Japhet M. Zwana
14805 133rd Ave
Jamaica NY 11436

Patronela- Tshuma   My name is Patronela Tshuma, i am in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. I am commencing my third year in July 2015. i have had the privilege to receive a donation from ZSRP to assist me with my studies at Lupane State University. The money that i received was channeled towards my tuition and this has been a great relief to my family since my tuition is covered which means that there is assurance that i will rich the finishing line. The economy is quite steep at the moment and this assistance could not have come at a better time, i am going to concentrate on my studies without worries of possibly droping out of college.

   Thank you very much to you all for giving my family and i hope for a better tomorrow. May God continue to bless you and your efforts of making this world a better place for the less privileged like me.

Yours faithfully

Patronela Tshuma


Eligible Students Wanted.

Program Goals

The goals of the program are:

  • To assist with the application/admission process
  • To help students to identify institutions that meet their needs
    To provide students with the initial financial assistance and subsequently as needed
  • To create a pool of educated, well trained and skilled labor force and leadership for the development of Zimbabwe.

Successful participants will be expected to return home to serve the country in their respective capacities after completing their study programs.


  • Zimbabwean Citizen
  • College/University Bound or in College
  • Level Certificate and Above C Grade Point Average
  • Demonstrated Economic Need


Write a letter expressing a desire to be considered for recommendation to