New Higher Education Restrictions in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe’s Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Dr. Jonathan Moyo declared on October 4, 2015 that, secondary school students who fail Math and Science will not be allowed to enroll at local universities. He was addressing a consultative meeting of higher education leaders in the country. Additionally, those who fail ‘O’ Level Math & Science courses will not be allowed to proceed to ‘A’ Level.

Consequences of such a decision

*This will lead to exclusion of students from poor family backgrounds

*Higher education will become an elitist preserve

*There will never be an adequate number of students with the requisite set of skills in Math & Science

*Rural secondary schools, already poorly equipped, will be forced to skip math & science curriculum

*The exercise will amount to re-Rhodesianization of college education

*Math and Science teachers without jobs will join the out bound brain drain.